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A wide range of ISO tanks are available for lease at SWISS ISO Tanks AG. The most common tank size is 20 feet, these tanks have a capacity range of 14.000 – 26.000 Liters. Beside standard tanks we also offer 10 feet and Swap (23 feet/high capacity) tanks.

20FT ISO Tank

Capacity: 14.000 – 26.000 Liters

Size: 20 feet

23FT Swap Tank

Capacity: 30.000 – 35.000 Liters

This 23 feet Swap Tank Container is ideal for high capacity transportation. This unit easily fits on a standard trailer for transportation on land.

Size: 23 feet

20FT Reefer Tank

The Reefer unit is a tank container is used for goods that require specific temperatures while transporting.

Capacity: 14.000 – 26.000 Liters

Size: 20 feet

20FT Diesel Tank

Capacity: 24.000 – 26.000 Liters

Size: 20 feet

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